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Florida Initiative
Freedom to Use Medicinal Marijuana for Specific Certified Medical Rights

Article 1
Election Year:
Establishes a Right of individuals to choose to obtain and use marijuana for Specific Medical Purposes when certified as Medically Appropriate by a licensed physician; protects physicians and third parties who recommend or provide medicinal marijuana and allows Penalties for Fraudulent Certification or Use.
Floridians for Medical Rights
P.O. Box 290054
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33329-0054
(954) 537-3150
Approval Date: 08/28/97
Made Review:
Attorney General:
Supreme Court:
Supreme Court Ruling:
Made Ballot:
Ballot Number: 0
43,536 Signatures required for review by Attorney General
435,329 Signatures required to have this initiative on the ballot
0 Signatures have currently been verified
Full Text:

Additional Section is Inserted in Article I of the Florida Constitution. Freedom to Use Medicinal Marijuana for Specific Certified Medical Purposes.

[A] Each Natural Person has the Right to obtain and use marijuana for medical purposes when a licensed physician has certified:

[1] That use of marijuana is medically appropriate for that Person in the Professional Judgment of that Physician, and

[2] That the Person's Health may Benefit from use of marijuana in the Treatment of Cancer, HIV, AIDS, Anorexia, Glaucoma, Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Spasticity, Migraine, and Other Specified Medical Condition or Illness.

[B] The legislature is authorized to enact measures implementing Certification Procedures under this section. Notwithstanding this provision, no legislation is required for this section to take legal effect.

[C] No physician may be subjected to criminal prosecution, professional disciplinary regulation, or other legal sanction, based on his or her certification of marijuana use under this section unless such certification is fraudulent and the physician knows or should have known of the fraud.

[D] No natural person may be subjected to criminal prosecution or other legal sanction based on his or her cultivation, provision, transportation or sale of marijuana for, or to, a person who has obtained marijuana for certified medical use under this section.

[E] If any portion of this section is held invalid for any reason, the remaining portions of this section, to the fullest extent possible, shall be severed from the void portion and given the fullest possible force and application on the day after approval by the electorate.

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