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Arizona Proposition 200
The Drug Medicalization, Prevention, and Control Act of 1996

Arizonans for Drug Policy Reform
(A Subsidiary of Americans for Medical Rights)

Approves all Schedule I drugs as safe and effective medicines “to treat a disease or to relieve the pain and suffering of seriously or terminally ill patients.”

Prohibits judges from sending newly convicted “nonviolent drug offenders” to prison until their third conviction.

Releases all nonviolent drug offenders currently in prison, places them on parole, and mandates them into drug treatment, education, or community service programs.

Establishes a Parents Commission on Drug Education.

Attempts to invalidate federal Food and Drug Administration regulations that govern approval of new medications as safe and effective, federal drug- control laws, and international drug-control treaties.  However, federal law and international treaties prevail over state law.

The Arizona Experience


George Soros
Peter Lewis
John Sperling
Drug Policy Foundation
Social Policy Forum
Richard Wolf
Smaller Contributions


$    430,000
$    430,000
$    440,000
$    200,000
$    100,000
$      25,000
$        2,697
(State Campaign Finance Report)

Passed November 1996


Compared to other states, Arizona ranks:
15th (tied with 2 other states) in past-month drug use
16th in marijuana use
  6th (tied with 5 other states) in drug use other than marijuana
  7th (tied with 3 other states) in past-year drug dependence
  7th (tied with 2 other states) in drug or alcohol dependence
(1999 National Household Survey on Drug Abuse)
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