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Florida Initiative
Freedom to Use Medicinal Marijuana for Specific Certified Medical Rights

Sponsor Floridians for Medical Rights
(A Subsidiary of Americans for Medical Rights)

Analysis Legalizes marijuana for “the treatment of cancer, HIV, AIDS, anorexia, glaucoma, arthritis, chronic pain, spasticity, migraine, and other specified medical condition or illness.”

Exempts physicians who recommend marijuana to patients from legal and disciplinary sanctions.

Legalizes “cultivation, provision, transportation, and sale of marijuana” for medical use.

Invalidates federal Food and Drug Administration regulations that govern approval of new medicines as safe and effective, federal drug-control laws, and international drug-control treaties.  However, federal law and international treaties prevail over state law.

George Soros
Peter Lewis
John Sperling

Amounts contributed unavailable
at this time.

Backers expect to place on ballot for 2002 election.

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