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John Sperling

  Chairman and CEO



Apollo Group (University of Phoenix)

   Since 1991, Mr. Sperling has contributed to:

Alaska 1998 Medical Marijuana Initiative (Passed)

Arizona 1996 Proposition 200 (Passed)
Arizona 1998 Proposition 105 (Passed)
Arizona 2000 Proposition 201 (Failed to reach ballot)
Arizona 2002 Proposition 203 (On ballot)

California 1996 Proposition 215 (Passed)
California 2000 Proposition 36 (Passed)

Colorado 1998 Medical Marijuana Initiative (Passed)
Colorado 2000 Medical Marijuana Initiative (Passed but invalidated)

District of Columbia 1998 Initiative 59 (Passed but invalidated)
District of Colimbia 2002 Measure 62 (On ballot)

Florida 2000 Medical Marijuana Initiative (Failed to reach ballot)
Florida 2002 Treatment Initiative (Failed to reach ballot)

Maine 1999 Medical Marijuana Initiative (Passed)

Massachusetts 2000 Petition P

Michigan 2002 Initiative (Failed to reach ballot)

Nevada 1998 Question 9 (Passed)
Nevada 2000 Question 9 (Passed)

Ohio 2002 State Issue 1 (On ballot)

Oregon 1998 Medical Marijuana Initiative (Passed)
Oregon 2000 Ballot Measure 3 (Passed)

Utah 2000 Initiative B (Passed)

Washington 1997 Intitiative (Defeated)
Washington 1998 Medical Marijuana Initiative (Passed)
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