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Ballot Measure 3
Oregon Property Protection Act of 2000

Sponsor The People Have Spoken
(A Subsidiary of Americans for Medical Rights)

Analysis Requires stricter proof before authorities may seize personal property or cash they believe was used in a crime or is proceeds of a crime. 

Prohibits government agencies from recovering the full cost of pursuing forfeitures; limits recovery to a maximum of 25 percent of the value of forfeited property.

Disallows use of the balance of proceeds by law enforcement.  Mandates those funds to drug treatment instead.

Prohibits transfer of proceeds to federal agencies unless approved by a state court judge.

What Proponents Say
“There are hundreds of cases of people losing their property when they haven’t been charged with a crime and they never get their property back.  It’s just wrong.” (Geoff Sugarman), initiative campaign spokesman.
(The Oregonian 6/28/00

What Opponents Say
“There are virtually no criminal consequences to dealing or selling drugs in Oregon.  The whole purpose of forfeiture is to create a disincentive to deal drugs by putting their property at risk.” (Clatsop County District Attorney Josh Marquis)
(The Oregonian 6/28/00)

George Soros
Peter Lewis
John Sperling

Details, Funding
These three men have 
contributed a total of
$250,000 to date.
(The Oregonian 6/28/00)


Passed November 7, 2000.
For--67%. Against--33%. 84% of total votes counted.

Ranking Compared to other states, Oregon ranks:
11th (tied with 3 other states) in past-month illicit drug use
  8th in marijuana use
  5th (tied with 2 other states) in drug use other than marijuana
  4th (tied with 1 other state) in past-year drug dependence
  6th (tied with 3 other states) in drug or alcohol dependence
(1999 National Household Survey on Drug Abuse)

Details, Use
Details, Dependence

Comment Illegal drug abuse tripled in Oregon between 1995 and 1999.  More Oregonians are abusing or dependent on illicit drugs than alcohol.  One in nine Oregonians needs treatment for drug abuse and addiction, compared to one in sixteen in 1995.
(1999 Oregon Household Treatment Needs Survey, Health Division, The Oregon Department of Human Services, May, 2000.)

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