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Initiative B
Utah Property Protection Act of 2000

Sponsor Utahns for Property Protection 
(A Subsidiary of The People Have Spoken)


Utah Coalition to Stop Drug Dealer Profits


Restricts government's ability to confiscate property taken from ‘innocent owners' in drug arrests and other crimes.

Establishes uniform procedures for the forfeiture of property.

Prohibits use of any asset forfeitures by law enforcement.

Mandates all asset forfeitures be given to the Utah Uniform School Fund.

What Proponents Say
This measure limits property seizure in Utah by raising the standard of proof from "probable cause" to "clear and convincing evidence."

"This is not about crime. This is about restoring balance. We should not be creating an economic incentive for police to seize people's assets." Janet Jenson, Utahns for Property Protection.
(Standard Examiner 7/7/00)

What Opponents Say
This initiative will allow drug dealers to keep the proceeds from their criminal acts.

"Initiative B is a clever, legal rewriting of certain sections of 17 existing Utah laws, some of which are as recent as the 1999 Legislature, and one dates back to the 1965 Legislature. The ability to change this many laws without proper hearings and legislative process gives rise to a simple question. Who are we trying to help here and why? We certainly are saying that 34 years of representative government in Utah was not done properly.

"A group of concerned citizens representing government, law enforcement, the private sector, and informed citizens are forming the Utah Coalition to Stop Drug Dealer Profits to fight this Goliath, Mr. Soros, and his legalizing drug views." Jon Greiner, Ogden Chief of Police.
(Standard Examiner 8/16/00) 


Utahns for Property Protection
(Funded by George Soros,
Peter Lewis, and John Sperling.)

Utah Coalition to Stop Drug Dealer Profits


$ 15,000.00
(Kansas City Star 10/8/00. Figures are preliminary.)
Details, Funding

Passed November 7, 2000.
For--497,719(68.9%). Against--224,630(31.1%). 99% precincts reporting.

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