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Trying to Fool the Public About Legalization

Drug network uses media

When Reading Criticism of John Walters' Qualifications, Consider the Source

Getting to Legalization from Here

2001: NORML Director Keith Stroup Denies "Red Herring" Quote

1979: Keith Stroup Says NORML Using Medical Marijuana Issue As A Red Herring to Give Pot A Good Name

"Medical" Marijuana
Amicus Curiae Brief: U.S. v. Oakland Cannabis Buyers' Cooperative, David Evans, John Lamp, Sue Rusche, and Eric Voth

The Institute of Medicine Report: What it Says, What It Doesn't Say, Sue Rusche and David Friedman

NFIA Statement on IOM Report

Strike A Balance in the Marijuana Debate, John Benson, Jr. and Stanley Watson, Jr.

American Medical Association Declines to Endorse Compassionate Use of Medical Marijuana

British Medical Journal: Canadian Doctors' Opposition to "Medical Marijuana" Grows


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