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What Drug Abuse Update Online Contains
From 1982 through 1998, National Families in Action published a quarterly hard-copy digest titled Drug Abuse Update.

NFIA published the 1999 quarterly digests online. But sticking to a 24-page format took too long to produce, when the Internet offers the opportunity to convey information instantly.

NFIA's new website takes advantage of this opportunity. Visit our homepage for periodic updates of information you should know right away. As new Current Updates are posted, those they replace are archived in the current year's updates.

Book reviews published in Drug Abuse Update throughout its history can be found in NFIA's Guide to the Drug Prevention Movement and Guide to the Drug Legalization Movement.

Back issues of Drug Abuse Update published from 1982 through 1998 are available from National Families in Action. Please call 404-248-9676 to order.


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