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A Guide to the Drug Legalization Movement and How You Can Stop It
Proponents are sponsoring drug legalization initiatives or bills in nearly every state. Here are two new tools to help you stop them. The Guide includes case studies of the first (1996) initiatives. The video shows TV ads aired to promote the initiatives to voters. Book, $15 each. Video, $10 each.

Quantity (Book - $15 each)
Quantity (Video - $10 each)

You Have the Right to Know about Drugs
Middle-school students. This curriculum explains how our brains work and how drugs change our brains and cause addiction. Addresses all drugs of abuse. (Sold separately are accompanying kits with videos, teaching aids, and incentives. See Club HERO Products, below.)

Quantity (Books, $15 each)

You Have the Right to Know Series
High school students and adults. This original curriculum series emphasizes peer teaching and collaborative learning techniques. Includes a strong, easy-to-understand neuroscience component. Easy to read with entertaining lessons.

Quantity (Cocaine book, $15 each)
Quantity (Alcohol book, $15 each)
Quantity (Tobacco book, $15 each)

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Twelve Tips for Helping Your Children Stay Drug-Free
Card or bookmark with thoughtful reminders for concerned parents. Great for displaying on the refrigerator or keeping in a day-timer. Available in both English and Spanish. $50/set (100 copies).

Quantity (Card sets in English, $50/set)
Quantity (Bookmark sets in English, $50/set)
Quantity (Card sets in Spanish, $50/set)

Twelve Reasons Not to Legalize Drugs
Taken from scientific findings and information, this handy reference card provides valid reasons why legalization is a bad idea. Great for distributing at assemblies and awareness meetings. $50/set (100 copies).

Quantity (Card sets, $50/set)

Drug Updates
These brochures provide a wealth of information including definitions, psychological and physical dangers, and signs and symptoms of use. Great information resources. $70/set (100 brochures).

Quantity (Sets of Inhalant Update, $70/set)
Quantity (Sets of Crack Update, $70/set)


Drug Abuse Update
Back Issues

Between 1982 and 1999, National Families in Action published Drug Abuse Update in hard copy. The quarterly digest contains the latest information about drug abuse, as well as what people are trying to do about it. These back issues chronicle a history of the drug problem over two decades. Back issues available while they last. $5 each.

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Club HERO Products

Club HERO - An after-school program that works
Developed with a research grant from the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention and tested by a staff of teachers, parents, and prevention specialists, Club HERO (Helping Everyone Reach Out) is an after-school program that emphasizes academic achievement, student/parent involvement, and community and school bonding. Along with a science-based drug education curriculum, this creative program encourages and rewards students to stay motivated, achieve personal goals, and remain drug-free. Information brochures are free

Quantity (Information brochures, free)

Club HERO Quick Start Kit
1 Club HERO Lesson-Plan Manual
30 Student You Have The Right To Know About Drugs books
1 Curriculum Kit (with videos, pre-test and post-test masters, overheads, games and handouts to accompany the Right to Know curriculum)
100 Point Cards (to record student points)
1 Stamp Set (to mark point cards)
1,000 Blue Sheets (for students to collect points from teachers and parents)
2 Club HERO Water Bottles

Quantity (Quick Start Kits, $650/kit)

Club HERO Student Incentive Kit
(All items have Club HERO logo)
31 Short-sleeved t-shirts (15 M, 15 L, 1XL)
30 Assignment Books
30 Ballpoint Pens
30 Zipper Pulls
30 Lanyard Key Rings
30 Bumper Stickers

Quantity (Student Incentive Kits, $495/kit)

Other Products

Zipper Pull
This pull is a great addition to any jacket, backpack, or whatever!

Quantity (Zipper pulls, $2/each)

This excellent white shirt is 100% cotton with black imprint front and back! Available in size XL and XXL.

Quantity, size XL ($15/each)
Quantity, size XXL ($15/each)


Red and black make a big statement on this great mug at a great price!

Quantity (Mug, $7.50/each)

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